Welcome to the home of happy LONGEARED Miniature Donkeys (thus the name) ALL-EARZ

  Here on our farm, we have some miniature donkeys who will put an "ALLEARZ" spell on you........

  ¬ĽA little snippet of the history of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey ...                  Miniature donkeys were first imported to the United States in the late 1920's from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. In the mediterranean they were used as "beasts of burden" At that time, they lived a life of hardship. On their native islands the little mini donkeys became extinct.

  *The original importers were wealthy American families who kept these little pets on their estates as extended family. On original import records from this time, you can see that the favorite color to import was "mouse color"-gray. There are many colors of gray, from a silver to a  dark "gun metal." Many colors of brown are in the original import bloodlines.

If you are looking for a donkey for a pet, a gelding is the best pet!

   A miniature jack can be very gentle and loving, but he is ruled by his hormones, and the day comes when he is mature-and in the "blink of an eye" could change very suddenly. A jack IS NOT an appropriate pet for a child, unless he is bought with the absolute intention of having him castrated. A castrated(gelding) donkey can be the best pet a child ever had!

 Jennets can also be wonderful loving pets. As with any animal. each one has their own personality and disposition. AND as a responsible person, one must teach their children to be kind to the animals, and not to mistreat them. and then..............








       The donkeys will return your love and kindness to you!


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Donkeys love to have visitors!  A Big "Hee Haw" WELCOME!!!!!!

They are always happy to greet you, and compete for your attention! Donkeys are much happier with at least one other donkey. It seems a PERSON cannot be happy unless they have MORE and more donkeys!

 Each one has their own personality-and each one is a character, in their own way, just as children are!

 Mini donkeys eventually grow old-but they never grow UP! They can live 40 years or more, also. They have so much love to give, and may have many years to give to you!

   A happy and friendly donkey welome is just waiting for you on the farm. Come on down, y'all!
"eeeeeeee-yaaw  eeeeeeeeeeee-yaaaaaaaw!!"