Welcome to the home of happy LONGEARED Miniature Donkeys (thus the name) ALL-EARZ

We STILL rule!!! 

Sadie the "baby sitter" Sadie has been with us for many years.

She gets along with any animals that are on the farm.

    It's hard to take our picture!  donkey by Petra Laine                   
     Sometimes our mom wants to take our photos.That is quite hard for her to do, 'cause when we see her come outside, we all want to see what she has for us, or else we just want to be brushed or petted, or our FAVORITE thing is butt rubs! So...she keeps backing up, and we keep moving forward-sometime facing her, or sometimes backing up to her(for a butt scratch!) and then she just about never can get any good pictures! ha!ha! and Hee-haw! we think this is funny!  We are soooo cute, but NOT in our photos-hee hee.
   Now she has gotten a new camera. She thinks we will be fooled. HA! We are way too smart for that, and besides, if she keeps trying, we get more butt rubs. Ahh ,yes, the donkey life is an exhausting one, all that trickery and such. Oh, well, some have and some don't. When will she realize(never,we hope) that it takes two people to take one donkeys picture!!
  Oh, by the way, if you talk to her, don't let on-this will be our little secret........Our devious tricks when it's photo time.........
          Let her kiss our butts!    ha haw! Look at my EAR!    in the weeds!                      I got in the way!ha!ha!Kiss this!We taught the DOGS to get in the way!Ha!ha! I did it again!!!           Here we are-ha! She just can't take a good photo! As long as our plan is kept secret-we are safe. We are always watching and she cannot sneak up on us. Heh,Heh........We rule this roost!                              "HEE,HEE-HAW!"