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A local "boy" from White Co. Tn. who lost his legs, when scanning for IED's to keep his troops safe. Please pray for Kevin Honaker, and all of our troops around the world.

Kevin Honaker    -one of our HERO'S, amoung many who keep us safe in the U.S.A.

Pray for our country!

  We all need to pray for our country THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and all the citizens who are struggling with fires, floods, homelessness, jobless, foreclosures, war, and any other crises in our lives.Pray for Our soldiers who are fighting for OUR freedom, and get some PRIDE back to this country and it's citizens.

We appreciate our troops:

Photo of troops  thanks to Sgt. Brian Tuthill

We thank you for all you sacrifice for our freedom in the U.S.A.

Doing a tough job a world away from the by Sgt. Matthew Moeller

We pray for the safety of our troops.........

  Please keep our troops stationed around the world,(and their families) in your prayers.

  If you see a soldier, shake his or her hand, and thank them for what they are doing for our country.

  Take note of the above photo, and know that many soldiers in the past have given their lives for this country, and that "freedom isn't free," and many have sacrificed  THEIR lives for you and me.

                                        GOD BLESS THE US A